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Unique Rewards, is one of the less well known of the survey sites around. It's been around for quite a long time yet many people dismiss the idea of joining it as it has had one bad review. In truth Unique Rewards is probably one the best sites for surveys, offers, shopping and more around. The reason it is so great, is that it is available literally in every country in the world and for almost all the countries there are loads of offers and surveys to complete. Second only to Cashcrate, Unique Rewards is debatably the second best surveys/offers survey site in the world because:
  • It has loads of Paid Surveys
  • It has loads of Easy Offers
  • It has more Cashback Shopping then any other survey site
  • It offers a decent Referring Friends and Family system
  • It has many surveys which you can take daily rather then 1 time offers.
  • It has a payout of just $20
  • It is available in loads of countries and almost all of them have loads of surveys/offers you can complete
  • It has a minimum age of just 13
  • It sends money by cheque
  • No obligations (or credit card needed)
  • 100% Free
  • 100% Legitimate
If you are looking for a second survey/offer site, and you have already joined Cashcrate, Unique Rewards should definitely be your next stop!

Unique Rewards Quotes

"Unique Rewards is a brand new site that has recently launched in the UK. It allows users to be rewarded with cash payments for doing a wide range of online tasks including completing free offers, shopping online, taking online surveys, visiting websites, reading e-mails and telling other people about the site." -

".....Mediocre. $5 for registering and minimum $20 payout. " -

"'Site has recieved no complaints'" -

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